My name is Sara Shakir and I am a professional makeup artist. I started my business in the Baltimore, DC area and now I am currently sharing my talents in Atlanta, Georgia where I reside. 

I have had the pleasure of glamming up clients in the DMV, Delaware, New York City, and Toronto, Canada. 

My services are endless from Weddings, Special Events, Theatrical, Private Lessons, etc. 

Check out my reviews page, where I have had the pleasure of amazing clients writing back their full experience with me! 


About La’Sara:

The name La’Sara was derived many years ago when I was figuring out a brand name for myself. There were simply too many Sara’s around me growing up and I wanted to represent my personality and stand out! “La” stands for “The” in French. I was always told from people whom I met in life, friends and professionals- that there’s no other like Sara. I can be goofy and silly, but I am also bright and meticulous at my artistic abilities. 

I cater to all senses of styles and cultures around the world and I love putting a twist to create custom looks for all my clients. 



As a child I was one of those kids who always painted and created strange objects from random crafts. During my adolescence, I was stuck with my father to many trips to Home Depot and while he would shop, I would play in the paint section! I was always excited to see all these complementary colors, shades, tones, and paint swatches. 

I started playing with makeup which lead me to work for a prestigious makeup company for about eight years where I honed in and refined my skills for many different shapes, tones, and types of faces.

I am proud to also finish with my Bachelor's of Science degree in Marketing.

My passion for people, art and of course makeup will continue as I begin to keep building trust and proving my skilled techniques one face at a time.